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Grown with Passion

We are a 65 Acre Wholesale Plant Nursery that specializes in providing a wide variety of plants to businesses and individuals across the region. We grow and cultivate an extensive selection of plants, including ornamental plants, ground covers, hedges, palms, and many other species.

In addition to providing plants directly from our nursery, we also act as brokers for other nurseries and growers, ensuring that we can offer our customers a diverse range of high-quality plants at competitive prices. Our experienced team of plant experts works directly with our customers to understand their unique needs and preferences and help them select the perfect plants for their project.

We also offer delivery services to make it easy for our customers to receive their plants on time and in great condition. We understand that many of our customers are busy and don't have the time to visit our nursery or transport their plants themselves, so we provide reliable and efficient delivery services to help them get the plants they need without any hassle.

Our goal is to provide exceptional customer service and offer a wide range of high-quality plants to help our customers achieve their landscaping, gardening, or business goals. Whether you're a landscaper, garden center, or individual, we have the knowledge and resources to help you find the perfect plants for your project.

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